Current Clients

Welcome Valued Client!

Here are the forms we would like you to download, print out, READ and sign (or not–depending on the form).


The first one is the 2016 Individual Tax Engagement Letter.  Under no circumstances will our office sign or file a tax return, or file an extension, without a signed Engagement Letter. If you are married, both spouses need to sign.



The IRS requires that we obtain your consent for any use or disclosure of information that we obtain in the process of preparing a tax return. Click here to read the updated Revenue Procedure that was approved in 2013.

There are two Consent Forms. One is for the USE of the information. The second is for the DISCLOSURE of information. You are not required to consent to either, and we cannot condition the preparation of your tax returns on an affirmative consent of either. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to consent to USE that you should know. Consent to disclose is only necessary if you wish to give us permission to discuss tax information with a third party (such as a Financial Adviser, Banker or related person).

Please read the consents carefully, and return them to our office with your documents signed or unsigned.

2016 Section 7216 Consent to Use

2016 Section 7216 Consent to Disclose



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